3G 1

3G 2




Floodlights all signed off

shutter install 2

shutter install 1

Shutter install

Pitch maintenance

Electrical 1


Before work extension 3

Before work 20

Before work extension 2

Before work extension view

Before work ouside 6

Before work outside 1

Before work outside 4

Before work outside 5

Before work outside 7

Before work outside 9

Before work outside

Before works inside roof

Before works

Changes being made

Changing room

Before work outside 10

Clubhouse painting 8

Clubhouse paint

Clubhouse preparation

Clubhouse painting

Clubhouse ready for work

Clubhouse repaint

Clubhouse repaint 11

Clubhouse repainting 3

Clubhouse repainting 12

Clubhouse repainting

Clubhouse work prep

Equipment arrives

Extension work starts

Extension works start 2

Hard at work

Extension floor down

Inside plastering

Keeping site clean

New carpet for dugout

New paint

Outside tidy up 1

Nice fresh paint

Outside tidy up

Outside tidy up 2

Painting starts

Windows in

Plastering 1

Our work on the pitch might have been temporarily halted but that hasn't deterred us starting work to get our site completed after a number of frustrating years. Check out the progress and we'll continually add to show you how we are progressing.

Electrical 1